Sterling Silver Magician Tarot Card Charm

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Our sterling silver magician tarot card charm depicts many of the elements seen on the Magician Card, like the ouroboros, the star, and the infinity sign. The magician is a figure who represents action & change. She is a person who makes her own destiny, who is enterprising, who acts & obtains results.

The three symbols seen on our magician pendant strengthens this narrative. With the ouroboros, we see great wisdom and a timeless understanding that life and death are intimately connected. It signifies that energy never dies. It only changes. It is life, death, and rebirth in a constant state of renewal.

At the top of the card sits the sideways infinity sign symbolizing the perfection of thought as a creative act, and can also mean "as above, so below." And the star sitting in the center is an optimistic sign and can be read as a blessing from the heavens giving us starlight to illuminate our path.

Pick up Tarot card charms & start making symbolic jewelry with mystery and meaning.

****Add a Sterling Silver Rolo Chain for a finished necklace.*****

Measurements approximately:  25mm x 14mm x 1mm 

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