How To Wear Your Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

Throughout history, people have worn jewelry as part of their wardrobe. For some it has been a casual enhancement to their look; for others, jewelry is used to make a bold authoritative statement such as monarchs, lords and ladies, or dukes and duchesses. Either way, jewelry can be used tell your story, your character, and your confidence.

Enhance your natural beauty

When wearing jewelry take into consideration, your natural skin tone, body frame, and facial features. Wear gemstones and metals that bring out your skin tone. A ruby may look better on your skin than an emerald. You may look better in white gold than in copper.

Your facial features should also be taken into consideration when wearing jewelry to compliment your look. An oval face can wear just about any style of jewelry unlike the other face shapes. A round face is best suited to long earrings or geometrical earrings; a heart-shaped face is accentuated with triangular shaped earrings or chandeliers. For those with a long or square-shaped face, you may want to focus on stud earrings.

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Your body shape and height will continue to guide you towards those pieces of jewelry best suited to you. A person who is tall can successfully pull off choker necklaces; a shorter person is more suited to necklaces that are long or V-shaped. A petite body frame should wear more elegant, slender necklaces while a large-boned frame can pull off chunky jewelry with ease and poise.

Less is more

Coordinating your clothing to your jewelry or vice versa is imperative. Bold jewelry should be worn with simple clothes. The idea is for your jewelry to stand out. A statement jewelry against a patterned dress or blouse will fight for attention. If you want to wear busy clothing, keep the jewelry simple.

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Bright colored jewelry such as gemstones or beads should be worn with neutral or block color clothes. This will help the jewelry stand out, allowing your entire outfit to complement each other and you.

When wearing jewelry, wear a minimum of two items at a time to help keep your look balanced and complimenting. If you are wearing a bold necklace, consider wearing a gentler bracelet. If you are wearing long earrings, you may prefer a couple of rings tastefully placed on your fingers.

Before going out, stop at a mirror and remove an item of jewelry if you are uncertain about the balance of your outfit.

It’s all in the neckline

Your necklace and neckline need to work together. A plunging neckline will need a long necklace. Necklines that are closer to your neck can pull off a simpler necklace. Strapless, off-the-shoulder or v-necked clothing will work well to flaunt bold jewelry, choker necklaces, or pendant jewelry.

Don’t forget that layered tops or t-shirts can pull off long jewelry giving you that chic yet fun-loving style.

Versatility is king

Invest in jewelry that is versatile, matching several outfits in a variety of combinations. Play with your jewelry. Experiment with layering your necklaces to create a new look. 

Charms are incredibly versatile to your jewelry collection. You can wear them individually or combine several charms to create a bolder look. Poppiesbeadsnmore has a large collection of beautiful charms that you can wear in an assortment of styles.

Let your hands do the talking

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Rings are another versatile option to your jewelry collection. Whether you enjoy bold rings, simpler rings or a combination, rings add a flair to your wardrobe. 

To further accentuate your look, ensure that your hands are well manicured when you are wearing rings. The color of your nail polish needs to compliment the colors of your ring/s. Multi-colored nails, nail art, or glitter nail polish is best fitted to simpler rings to portray that elegant sophistication. If you want to wear bold rings, opt for colors that will compliment your rings while sticking to one color or two at a max (provided that it maintains that mature elegance).

Wear what you love

Whatever statement you are looking to make with your jewelry, love what you wear. Buy the jewelry that best reflects you. Wear the jewelry that you love to wear. This will boost your confidence while drawing people’s attention towards you whether it is subtly or boldly.

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