August Gemstone: The Peridot and Spinel


Celebrate the month of August with August gemstones, namely that of the peridot and the spinel. Whether you are having a birthday or celebrating the birth month of a family member or a friend, the peridot or spinel will add a special touch this month.

The Peridot

While relatively inexpensive the peridot is known as one of the few gemstones which flaunt a single color, mainly lime green. The green hues of the peridot are caused by the gemstone’s iron content. This beautiful gemstone may not be the hardest since it has no resistance to acid. Its distinguishing feature is that of its double refraction.

Peridot History

The peridot dates back to the time of ancient Egyptians (1500BC). Throughout history, it has been a favorite jewelry accessory among royals and clergy. Although Cleopatra mistook the peridot for an emerald, the peridot was one of her prized treasures.

The best peridot comes from Mogok, Burma as well as Pakistan. Other peridot deposits are located in Arizona, China, and Vietnam.


Peridot Meaning

The peridot is thought to increase confidence and bring about a deeper level of patience and clear thinking. This August gemstone is also thought to be the gemstone for prosperity and happiness.

The name peridot is from the Arabic word “faridat” or gem. This beautiful August gemstone also goes by the name “the poor man’s emerald” or “chrysolite”.


Due to its versatility of size and color, the August gemstone, spinel, can be found in a large selection of jewelry including rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more. Set against white or yellow metals, the color of your chosen spinel is sure to command attention.

Facts About Spinel

Thanks to its crystal form, spinel is derived from the Latin word “spina” whereas its color earned it it’s Greek word “spark”.  Although often mistaken for a ruby or sapphire, spinel is a gorgeous gemstone in its own right coming in a plethora of colors in broad ranges such as rose pink to rich red or light to dark blue.

Buying a Spinel

The more sought after spinels are those with no visible inclusions and vivid red to colbat blue, bright pink or orange. Lighter colors are more affordable and often cut en cabochon. Spinels can be found in a variety of shapes including octagons, squares, ovals, cushions, or trillions. 

Synthetic spinel is commonly produced and can be separated from a natural spinel by using a magnet. This is because of the low response natural spinel has towards magnets. Natural lightly colored spinel often contains chromium thus further repelling it from a magnet.

Celebrate birthdays or special occasions this August

Knowing your birthstone or that of your loved ones can help you find gemstone jewelry that is sure to become a prized, sentimental possession. How about celebrating your August birthday or that of a loved one by investing in August gemstones of either the peridot or spinel or both.

Here at Poppiesbeadsnmore we have a small selection of spinel gemstone to help you celebrate your August birthday all month around.




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