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Yoga Balance Sterling Silver Pendant with Chakra Gemstone or Celtic Bale

Bale Option
  • Yoga Balance Sterling Silver Pendant with Chakra Gemstone. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word referred to as a "wheel" or “rotating ring.” It depicts a rich and complex energy centers that oversee all aspects of our lives reflected in seven frequency colors of light and energy.

    Red (Genuine Garnet) is the color of the root chakra which symbolizes safety, survival, and nourishment from the Earth energy.
    Orange (Orange Cubic zirconia) is the color of the sacral chakra associated with emotions and creativity.
    Yellow (Genuine Citrine) chakra is the color of the solar plexus chakra symbolizing mental activities and personal will.
    Green chakra (Emerald Glass) symbolizes the color of the heart chakra connected with love, integration and compassion.
    Blue chakra (Genuine Blue Topaz) is the throat chakra associated with self-expression and communication.
    Indigo chakra (Synthetic Sapphire) is the color of the third eye chakra which evokes intuition and inner wisdom.
    Violet chakra (Genuine Amethyst) is the color of the crown chakra symbolizing spirituality and consciousness to live our lives with intention and grace.

    At the end of our everyday, your point of intention is always your point of attraction. Closely notice the energy you are bringing into this space and the moment, as it is when you experience your deepest joy. Immerse yourself in nature and and let the healing begin. Strongly Influence the subconscious mind by creating peaceful thoughts and a vibrant, healthy being.

    Measurement:   Length: 5.12cm  Width: 3.54cm

    Length includes bale.

    Available with Chakra Gemstone Bale or Celtic Bale

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