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Sterling Silver Possum Charm

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Pick up this sterling silver possum charm to delight your customers. Designed to look as if she's hanging upside down, this shy possum is simply adorable.

Opossums, or possums, are one of the quirkiest critters around. They're small-ish, pouched mammals (or marsupials) with prehensile tails (meaning they can grab things & hang upside down with them), who play dead when under extreme threat. Definitely different, and definitely wonderful.

All these quirks make possums a big deal! These little critters have a lot of life lessons to offer. Meditating on possums can attract people who are resourceful, able to easily adapt, and folks who are fiercely protective of their tribe. Possums also teach us how to use all of our skills to survive in life, even if that sometimes means knowing when to check out and just chill.

Measurements approximately:  22mm x11mm x 1mm