Sterling Silver Openwork Lotus Mandala Pendant,

Sterling Silver Openwork Lotus Mandala Pendant,

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This sterling silver openwork lotus mandala pendant is full of meaning. The lotus is born in muck and mire. From sludgy, slimy waters, this brilliant blossom emerges. Many take these humble beginnings as a profound metaphor for life. We can choose to crawl, never lifting our heads up to the light. Or, like the lotus, we can make the best of a lousy situation, rise above, grow, and expand.

In this many petaled flower charm, the lotus becomes a mandala - a visually appealing, symmetrical, geometric form that helps quiet chattering thoughts & nagging anxieties, appeasing the spirit. From its center out to its rim, this lotus mandala's symmetry and beauty is exquisite.

Measurements- Length: 32mm, Height: 2mm, Width: 30mm