Layered Mandala Pendant

Metal Finish: Sterling Silver
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Dramatic and lush, this sterling silver large mandala pendant is composed of six petals and four layers and is blooming with beauty and symbolism.

The six-petalled blossoms at the center represent our transformative nature as we make our way through any process - moving through grief and healing, or becoming artists, poets, and our best selves.  The second circle of diamonds can be seen as indestructibility. The act of becoming requires walking through many fires. The next layer represents the healing power of solar energy and this same light shining within us all. Without it, all is dark.

What do you see in the outer circle? Seeds of future versions of you? Or, an arrowhead beckoning you forward? That's the beauty of mandalas - meditating upon them is a healing process yielding a sense of peace and happiness as you journey through life.

Available in Sterling Silver and Bronze

Measurement Approximately: 26mm x 25mm x 3mm 

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