Sterling Silver Ear Charm

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Sterling silver ear charms are a bit quirky at first glance, but when you stop to think of how we turn the vibrations ears sense into meaning, you start to really appreciate its power to transform our lives. Hearing allow us to grasp meaning, to be receptive, to enjoy music, and to hear someone whisper "I love you." Often being a good friend means being able to listen, and to lend an ear.

An interesting tidbit is how often ears pop up in Egyptian art, specifically on stone tablets dedicated to certain gods for hearing their prayers, or answering their prayers.

Elevate this humble body part by adding it to charm necklaces & bracelets, or even ear earrings. 

****Add a Sterling Silver Rolo Chain for a finished necklace.*****


If you select a necklace, you will receive a Sterling Silver Rolo Chain and not the chain that is pictured. 

Measurements approximately:  11mm x 6mm x 2mm 

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