Silver Raven Skull Charm with Scroll Carving

Metal Finish: Sterling Silver
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The beauty of this sterling silver raven skull charm with scroll carving will cast a spell on you. All the details, from the lined ridges of the beak to the perfectly sized eye sockets, and the fanciful scroll work crowning the skull, distinguishes this raven skull charm from others.  

Aside from these details, there is much to love about ravens. Depending on time and place, they have come to symbolize everything from harbingers of death and ill omen to vessels of ancestral memory and knowledge-keeping.  In Norse mythology, Odin the Raven God had daughters, the Valkries, who could turn into ravens & whisper to the souls of fallen warriors, commanding them to rise up and follow them to the heights of Valhalla.  

Available in Sterling Silver and Bronze.

Measurements approximately:   23mm x 11mm  8mm 

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