Sterling Silver Innana Goddess Charm

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Sterling Silver Innana Goddess Charm. The ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna represents love, procreation, war, and the "bright star of the morning and evening," the planet Venus. In other cultures, she is known as the Akkadian Goddess Ishtar, and the Phoenician Astarte, and the Greek Aphrodite, among others. Her descent into the Underworld is often interpreted as an acceptance of the necessity of death for the continuance of life but also as the psychological power of a descent into the unconscious. She shows us that by facing what we fear, we will realize our own strength. Innana is a powerful example of being courageous and unafraid to face the hard changes in life. Celebrate this beautiful and symbolic goddess in this detailed silver charm.

Measurements approximately:  28mm x 15mm x 3.5mm 

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