Shark Tooth Charm

Size: Small
Metal Finish: Bronze
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Shark Tooth Charm. Many surfers wear a shark tooth around their necks as a charm or talisman to bring them good fortune, protection, and to keep away evil spirits. There's a Hawaiian legend of a young warrior who dove into the sea and fought with a sea god. He emerged victorious wearing a necklace of shark teeth. So, the shark tooth was interpreted to represent power and protection from the evil of the seas. Add power and a touch of the ocean to jewelry with this detailed shark tooth charm.

*Bronze is an alloy that consists of a mixture of copper and tin, approximately 90% copper and 10% tin. Our natural bronze styles are solid bronze.

Available in Sterling Silver and Bronze.

Available Sizes:  Tiny and Small 

Measurements approximately:
Tiny   - 8mm x 7mm x 2.5mm
Small - 12mm x 11mm x 3mm

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