Creative Ways To Wear Charm Jewelry

Charms, charms, and more charms. Charms have been used over the decades to tell a personal story and evoke many fond memories for its owners. With each charm having a significant meaning, they are almost impossible to part with. So they end up tucked carefully away in the jewelry box. Although charms have usually been known to be worn as a charm bracelet, times are evolving and creativity is inspiring many other fun ways to wear charms.

Charm Necklaces

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Charm necklaces are a fun way of using your charms or growing your charm collection. They bring a lovely versatility to the creative ways to wear charm jewelry with the amount of charms you can wear (as a single pendant, cluster, or a show piece). By adjusting the length of your charm necklaces, you can have a necklace that is both long and short allowing you to wear your charms with any style of clothing.

Create a single charm pendant necklace with some of your favorite charms or wear them multi-layered. Another fun way to wear your charms as a necklace is to cluster them. 

Charms In Your Hair

Another creative way to wear charm jewelry is enhancing your favorite headband by carefully including one of your charms or weave some ribbon through your charm while use the ribbon to hold your hair up or as a new headband.

Place several charms along a ribbon and carefully weave the ribbon into your fishtail or braid. This will nestle the charms elegantly into your hairdo while flaunting your memories in the process.

You may find that with a bit of creativity, you can make your own hair clips with your charms. The sky is the limit.

Charm Accessories

Besides necklaces and bracelets, charms can be used in a variety of ways to accessorize your outfits. Here are a few ways to use charms for unusual accessories:

Clothing decoration

See how you can use your charms to decorate your zips, in particular the zips of your jackets, blouses or sweaters.

By using a scarf or broad ribbon as a belt, you can safely attach hoop of charms to your waist.

Dress up bags and shoes

Have a charm bracelet that you are not wearing? No problem. Hook the bracelet over your boot and wear it as a new ankle bracelet. If it’s too big to wear around your ankle, see if your boot has any place to help you attach your bracelet or other ways to secure your charms temporarily to your boot.

Dress up your bag by attaching your charm bracelet into the loops on your bag (if you have any) or incorporate a charm into the zipper of your bag.

Charm Bracelets and Earrings

Add a new feel to your bracelets by adding your charms to a cluster of bangles or attach a charm to your bead or pearl bracelets.

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Spice up your earring collections by incorporating charms into your earrings. Add a cluster of charms to your hoop earrings or create a medallion of charms on your hoop earrings. Another fun way is to get your charms added to your long, dangle earrings.

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